The North County Tennis Patrons (NCTP) was created over 35 years ago to introduce organized junior tennis to children of all ages. The
organization has an impressive history and an extensive membership. Its programs, including a variety of clinics and monthly tournaments, have made the tennis court a common ground for children from a broad range of backgrounds.

The North County Tennis Patrons is a grass roots organization. It was founded and continues to be run by San Diego residents of North County.
The mission of the NCTP is to provide junior tennis players with the opportunity not only to improve their tennis, but to improve their self-esteem off the court. The patrons hope that the lessons learned from our programs will give them the self-confidence to achieve their goals whether in tennis or life in general. Moreover, the Patrons strive to teach a sense of fairness, sportsmanship, honesty, and integrity that can be carried off the court into everyday life.

The NCTP is a non-profit 501c3 organization, entirely supported by North County parents and players, and recognized as a member organization
of the USTA.