Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the community of North County San Diego a place for junior tennis to be more affordable, accessible, and fun.

  • Affordable – Tennis can be an expensive sport to learn and play. Many Jr tournaments are too expensive for young novice players to compete in. We want to make tournament play affordable for kids and families of all backgrounds.
  • Accessible – Novice tournaments are not very accessible for many prospective Jr tennis players. Many tournaments cater to more elite players that can be difficult for prospective players to comfortably compete in. Moreover, many of the larger tournaments aren’t always geographically desirable. We want to provide a place where Jr novice players can hone their skills through competition with the hopes that they can move on to the bigger tournaments if they so desire.
  • Fun – We hope to create an atmosphere where our tournaments are friendly, encouraging, and a positive experience for prospective players. Competition can be rewarding whether one wins or loses, but more importantly, tennis is a game and should be fun for both the kids and the parents.