Question: What is the format of NCTP Tournaments?

Answer: The format is Round-robin with no Ad scoring (at Deuce, the next point wins the game). We use regulation courts and balls for all of our age groups. I.E. No quickstart balls in use.


Question: Do I need to be a member of the USTA or NCTP in order to play the tournaments?

Answer: No. Although we are a member organization with the USTA, it is not required that you have a membership of either the USTA or NCTP to play the tournaments.

Question: When will the schedule be posted in order to find match times?

Answer: It is our goal to post the schedule by Tuesday evening 9:00 PM week of tournament.


Question: When is the earliest NCTP will know the schedule?

Answer: The earliest we will know the schedule is after the entry deadline when all entry forms are in and sorted, plus receiving the court availability from the host facility.


Question: What happens if I have to withdraw from the tournament before getting a chance to play?

Answer: Every schedule has a withdraw deadline date at the top. This deadline is usually a couple of days before the tournament. If you withdraw before that date, we can credit you for the next tournament. If you withdraw after that date, you forfeit your entry fee as the draw is then “frozen.”


Question: What if the tournament gets rained out?

Answer: If the tournament is rained out on the scheduled date we will try to postpone play to the following weekend. If the participant cannot make the rescheduled date, we will credit them for the next tournament.


Question: How do I use my credit?

Answer: If you are allowed a credit and want to use it you MUST send an email to NCTP stating that you are doing so. This way we know you intend to play the event.